Resources for creating HTML emails

You have several options for how to create a nice looking and functional HTML email.

  • Use your existing marketing email software such as MailChimp and then export the HTML
  • Use one of the many free marketing email templates available online
  • Design an email from scratch in one of the many email builder tools available

The key thing is to ensure you are using a tool or template that is specifically designed to create responsive HTML emails. The HTML needed for emails is very different to that used in modern day website design, and that is why we recommend using an external tool or template specifically designed for that. If you don't use correctly formatted HTML for emails, your email will not render correctly in all of the different email clients out there.

You'll need to ensure that any edits you make result in valid HTML otherwise you could easily end up with broken looking emails. So if you are not familiar with HTML, it's recommended to work with someone technical on your team.

If you get stuck at any point, reach out to us via your customer success representative or via support@brandchamp and we'll be happy to help out with inserting the required tokens into your provided HTML.

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