Amazon Integration: Revoking and Creating a new MWS Auth Token

Purpose of MWS Auth Token

When you add an Amazon integration, you create an "MWS Auth Token" associated with your Seller Central account and store that in BrandChamp. This token allows our servers to talk to Amazon on your behalf in order to read orders, which is needed to detect Amazon referrals.

Revoking an existing MWS Auth Token 

If you wish to deny access to any token generated for BrandChamp previously, log into your Seller Central account and you should be able to find existing MWS Developer access details under Settings -> User Permissions. 

Find the details matching the BrandChamp developer number 3097-8014-6254 and revoke access to the previous MWS Auth Token.

To generate a new token, if it is not possible from that area please contact Seller Support in your home marketplace via chat, telephone, or Contact Amazon MWS form and ask them to generate a new MWS Auth Token. Suggested content: “URGENT - REVOKE AND REGENERATE MWS AUTH TOKEN. Please generate a new MWS Auth token for the developer number 3097-8014-6254 in our Seller Central account”.
Once you have a new MWS Auth Token, open your BrandChamp admin site and go to Settings -> Integrations. Click edit on your Amazon integration, and then edit beside the “MWS Auth Token” value. Enter new token value and click update.
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