BrandChamp is a software platform that helps you build, operate and scale relationship marketing programs.

The system provides a customizable and embeddable Application Form where potential ambassadors ("applicants") can apply to your program. Each applicant is reviewed by one of your administrators who then can decide to approve or reject them.

If an applicant is approved they become a "BrandChamp" and gain access to the BrandChamp portal where they can review and complete Activities that you set for them, view and claim available Rewards, update their Profile, review referral information, and more. 

Web Portal

Both administrators and BrandChamps use the same URL (website address) to log in to the system. Depending on the login details, the system will direct the user to either the Administrator Portal or the BrandChamp Portal.

The web address for the portal is of the form: https:// .brandchamp.io >.brandchamp.io

Administrator Portal

BrandChamp Portal


At the heart of the BrandChamp system is the ability to create custom "activities" for each of your BrandChamps to complete in return for some reward.

An activity may consist of one or more tasks to be completed (although generally, each activity consists of only one task, so the phrases "complete task" and "complete activity" are somewhat synonymous).

Each task completed by a BrandChamp must be reviewed by one of your administrators before it can be marked as approved. Only when all tasks for an activity have been approved does the reward associated with the activity get credited to the BrandChamp.

You can view all tasks needing review in the "Activities" page under the "Awaiting Review" filter.

Activity Types

Activities are built in the Activity Types tab in the "Activites" page of the admin site. An activity type defines the tasks to be done, how they will be verified, how often an activity can be completed in a period of time, the reward for completion, etc.


The reward given to BrandChamps on successful completion of a particular activity can be either a fixed number of points (which can be used later to claim rewards from a rewards table) or a token for an actual reward such as a discount code or gift card voucher.

BrandChamps can view and choose from available rewards in the Rewards section of their BrandChamp portal.

Reward Types

You define what rewards are available to be claimed by BrandChamps in the Reward Types tab under the Rewards page.

The Point Rewards tab lets you set up rewards which can be claimed in exchange for a set number of points.

The Activity Rewards tab lets you set up rewards which can be linked to an activity via the Reward tab in an Activity Type.


  • BrandChamp - the general term we use to refer to brand ambassadors or influencers in the system. Someone becomes a BrandChamp by first applying to your program via the application form and then being approved by an administrator
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