Your BrandChamp settings can be found under the "Settings" heading in the admin nav bar.

Click "Settings" to begin

You will then land on the Settings tab

Company Name

Your company name


Timezone to use for activity availability cut offs and for reports.

Full list of timezone names is available here.


Controls what currencies are available in the system. Mainly used in Referral Activity Types to build a mapping from currency of order to number of points to credit BrandChamp with.

By default the system will add USD. If you are in another region and connect your Shopify store, the appropriate currency will be added automatically.

If rejected, how many days must an applicant wait before reapplying?

If you reject an applicant from the program, how many days must they wait before being able to apply again. If they attempt to apply before that time, they will receive an error message informing them they cannot reapply yet.

Support Email

An email address for your own company which can be used by BrandChamps if they have questions about a particular activity etc.

Issued Rewards Email Send Time

If a BrandChamp selects a reward that requires manual issuing by an administrator, it may take some time before an admin actually issues the reward. Therefore we need to send an email to BrandChamps at some point in the future. However, if a BrandChamp has selected multiple rewards, it would be too noisy to send them an individual email for each issued reward, so the system batches them together and sends a single email at a single time during the day. That time is defined in this setting (and takes into account your timezone defined above)

Days to wait before applying referral credit

After detecting a referral, how many days later will the BrandChamp receive points from it. Defaults to 14.

When a new referral is detected, what is the default action?

For newly detected suspicious and non-suspicious referrals, you can choose to:

  • Leave referral approval state as undecided (in which case an admin must manually approve or deny each referral)
  • Approve the referral
  • Deny the referral
Ambassador Term

Different brands use different terms to refer to their ambassadors (for example "influencers"). These term fields allow you to set up your own custom terms here for use in email templates and messaging across the site.

Ambassadors Plural Term

Plural form of above term

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