Walk Through - Creating a Social Media Activity

Overview of the activities system in BrandChamp

In this walkthrough we'll create a Social Media activity which asks your BrandChamps to make a post to one of their social media networks.

Add an Activity Type

Each Activity shown to BrandChamps in their portal is defined in the "Activity Types" area of the admin site, under the "Activities" section:

Click the "New" dropdown. Some Activities, like the Referral and Onboarding Activities, can only be created once so they may be grayed out in the list. Below them are some pre-defined activity templates which set up some default values appropriate to the type of activity. If none of those types fit, you can always use the "Custom Activity" option and set up each field yourself.

For this walkthrough, let's select "Social Share Activity":

This will start off a new Activity Type and pre-fill some fields with values that are appropriate for a social share type of activity:

We start off on the Tasks tab which lets us describe what we want the BrandChamp to do and how they will verify that they've done it.

Task Details

Description Field

In this field, you should clearly describe what you want your BrandChamps to do. So, for example, for a social media post you should describe:

  • what social networks you want to target (if you want to focus on particular ones)
  • what type of images you'd like your BrandChamps to post including any products you'd like visible
  • what hashtags they should include
Social Sharing

The "Social" area lets you define some pre-defined content to share out on social networks. 

Click the "add shareable content" link. This lets you configure some text and links to be shared out by BrandChamps. For example:

BrandChamps will be able to share the text automatically on Twitter or can copy it to their clipboard so they can paste it into applications like Instagram. Note: Instagram do not provide any way for third parties to share a post on behalf of a user, so this is the only option available for that network.

You'll notice some tokens like "{{REF-DISC-CODE}}" in the text. These are available by clicking the "Replacement Tokens" dropdown:

The "{{REF-DISC-CODE}}" text will be replaced by the BrandChamps own unique referral discount code (if you are making use of that feature) when they view this content in their portal.

The "{{TL:REF-LINK}}" refers to a Tracking Link (which can be set up in a Referral Activity Type) and will be replaced by a unique short link for each BrandChamp which, when clicked, will ensure that any sale resulting from that link is credited to that BrandChamp for a referral commission.

Once we complete the rest of the steps below and make the Activity available to a BrandChamp, the Social sharing section we defined above would look something like the following highlighted area in the BrandChamp portal:

You'll notice that the tokens have been replaced with the unique referral code and tracking link for the BrandChamp viewing the Activity.

Verification (BrandChamps)

The next section defines what we need BrandChamps to do in order to verify that they've completed the task successfully. In the case of a social media post, this would naturally be to give us a link to their post.

Because we chose the "Social Share Activity" template, we get some pre-defined content here to get us started:

Verification Data Format

Because we want the BrandChamp to give us a link to their post, we choose "Web address" as the format of the data they will enter. This lets us validate that they enter a correct web address and enables the "Pick" buttons below.

For other types of activities, we can also choose Text field to let them enter in some free text or the File upload to let them attach a photo, screenshot or document.

Pick Social Media Posts

We need BrandChamps to give us a link to their post, so how will they do that?

We might ask that they just copy and paste the address into BrandChamp, but this can be fiddly (especially on mobile) and hard to explain to some users who may not be as technically savvy as others.

So BrandChamp offers an option to let them view their previous posts from Instagram, Facebook or Twitter inside the BrandChamp portal and simply click to select the relevant post which will pre-fill the web address automatically, making it super easy for BrandChamps.

For this example, let's click to enable picking from all the available social networks in the "Pick Social Media Posts" area:

Note: if you are running an Instagram only activity for example, you'd only want to select Instagram here etc.

When we complete the Activity Type and a BrandChamp views it in their portal, here's what they'll see (highlighted in red):

The first time they click on one of the "Pick..." buttons, they will be prompted to authenticate with the relevant network, after which they will see a preview of their recent posts and full timeline.

For example, if a BrandChamp clicks on the Instagram "Pick..." button and authenticates with the network, they would see something like:

They can then simply click the on the post and BrandChamp will automatically pre-fill the web address of the selected post in the verification section and give them a preview so they can be sure they've selected the correct one (the preview also works if you copy and paste an address or type it in manually):

Verification (Administrators)

For this walkthrough, we can leave the "Approval Outcomes" field at the default option. For more information on this area, see the Activity Types section.

Click on the "Next Step - Reward" button or the Reward tab to configure the Activity reward. Note: if either is disabled, it means that a required field on the Tasks tab has not been completed yet.


When a BrandChamp completes an activity they can either receive points, which they can use to select from a rewards catalog later, or they can receive a token for an actual reward such as a $10 off discount voucher etc.

For this walkthrough, we're going to give 50 points on completion of the activity:

Click the "Next Step - Limits" button


We can control how many instances of this type of activity a BrandChamp can complete in a given time period. For example, we can say that they can complete it 4 times per month, 2 times per week, or even configure it to be a one-time or two-time only activity etc.

For social media posts, you may want to select a weekly limit to encourage more participation on a regular basis. For example, you could set the activity up to allow 8 posts per month but this might encourage people to do a lot of posts in bulk towards the end of the month, limiting the spread and reach of the campaign. So instead, it would be better to allow 2 posts per week in that case.

So let's set up our activity to allow 2 posts per week:

Click the "Next Step -  Presentation" button


Web ID

We can leave this at the default value for this walk through. It's simply a unique identifier used to reference this particular activity.


For this activity, we will then want to choose an icon. Click the "pick" button to choose an icon from the catalog provided. This icon will then be viewable in the ambassador portal.


This controls whether the activity is displayed and available for completion in the BrandChamp portal. You'll want to set this to true.

BrandChamp Tags Filter

This area is useful is you want to have different BrandChamp "tiers". For example, you might have a "vip" level. In this case, an administrator would tag each VIP BrandChamp with the "vip" tag either at onboarding time or by going into the BrandChamp admin page and adding the tag in the "User" tab. ( Note: BrandChamps never see the tag that has been assigned to them by an administrator).

Then for activities you only want available to VIPs, you would add the "vip" tag in this field. That means a BrandChamp who has not been assigned the VIP tag by an admin would not see this activity in their portal but a BrandChamp with that tag would.

For the sake of this walk through though, we'll leave this field empty so that all BrandChamps can view and complete this activity.

Sorting Order 

Set this to 100 to ensure it gets sorted first in the list of available activities in the BrandChamp portal.

Preview and Create

The system provides a quick preview of what the activity will look like in BrandChamp portal.

If all looks good, click Create to create your first Activity Type!

The next walk through will cover how a BrandChamp can complete the activity.

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