Log in as Administrator and BrandChamp at same time

Both administrators and BrandChamps use the same login form (at an address like: https://your-company.brandchamp.io/#/login) to access the BrandChamp system.

If you log in to BrandChamp using an administrator's email, the system detects that you're an administrator and redirects you to the admin portal and similarly for logging in with a BrandChamp's email - you'll get redirected to the BrandChamp portal.

If you're logged in as a BrandChamp and you try to access the administration side of the app, you won't be able to and will receive an error and vice versa.

You can of course always log out of the system and log back in as the correct account but if you regularly switch between them it can be useful to log in as both at the same time. 

Option 1

You can choose one browser to use for the admin side and a different browser for the BrandChamp side. This is probably the simplest method if you have multiple browsers installed.

Option 2

Alternatively you can open a new browser session in Chrome or Firefox, which will start you with a "clean" browser session that won't remember your log ins from other windows. It's referred to as different things depending on your browser:

Chrome: Incognito window

Firefox: Private Window

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