Referrals in Shopify

If you set up Shopify Integration, the system automatically adds a small script to your Shopify website which drops a cookie on the viewers browser if they open a referral tracking link originating from the BrandChamp system.

The cookie contains the unique "referral code" from the BrandChamp who shared the link. If the link viewer then makes a purchase, the script ensures the unique referral code is added to the order in a special "brandchamp_ref" note, which you can see in your Shopify admin site:

That reference makes it's way into the BrandChamp system when your orders are synchronized, and that's how referral tracking link orders are detected.

Note: the cookie is ignored if the browser has previously been used to log into BrandChamp as a BrandChamp user. This is done to avoid BrandChamp's receiving credit for clicking their own links.

Testing Shopify Referrals

If you wish to verify that Shopify Referrals are being detected correctly, use the following procedure:

  1. Copy the referral link for a test BrandChamp by going to their their details in the administration portal, clicking to the Referrals area, and clicking copy beside a referral link.
  2. The BrandChamp system ignores the Shopify referral cookie if it detects that the browser has been used to log in as a BrandChamp previously. So you'll need to open a "clean" browser session - one that won't have any cookies from a previous BrandChamp log in. You can use a different browser than the one you normally use if you're 100% sure you've never used it to log in as a BrandChamp before. Another, more reliable way, is to open an "Incognito" window in Chrome or a "Private Window" in Firefox.
  3. Paste the referral link you copied earlier into the clean browser session. This will drop the BrandChamp referral cookie into that session.
  4. Put through an actual order on the Shopify site (you can cancel it later)
  5. While viewing the order in Shopify, verify that the "brandchamp_ref" note has been added (see section above for screenshot). If not, please contact for assistance
  6. Switch back to your normal browser session and log in to the BrandChamp admin portal
  7. Go to the the "Referrals" section and check if the referral has shown up
  8. Don't forget to cancel your test order ;)

Note: Shopify orders are synchronized every 20 minutes, so it can take a little bit of time for them to appear. If nothing has shown up after an hour, please contact for assistance

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