Inserting Links in Emails

When composing a new email, the email editor gives you some helpful tokens that you can use to create links to different areas in the application.

For example, let's say you want to send a bulk email to all your BrandChamps and include a link to the list of Activities in the BrandChamp's portal. To start, go to the Communications -> Emails section and click Compose.

So let's say you've entered some content into the email body and now want to insert a link. Click the Tokens dropdown and select the "CHALLENGES-URL" entry:

That will insert the token as follows:

Note however that, when the email is sent, the token will only be replaced by the text for the link (In the same way as the {{FIRST-NAME}} token shown there will also be replaced by text).

To turn it into a proper hyperlink, you need to copy the {{CHALLENGES-URL}} text, click the link icon on the far right of the toolbar and insert the text as the entire URL as shown below:

Make sure that the URL contains only the token value as shown above (i.e. "{{CHALLENGES-URL}}") and not something like "http://{{CHALLENGES-URL}}", as that will result in an invalid URL.

Testing Links Before Sending

To make sure links are functioning ok before sending, click the "Preview & Test" button down the bottom of the editor. That will pop up a preview window where you can see the links exactly as they will be rendered when email is sent.

Right click on each link and copy the link address (because you're logged into the admin portal to edit the email, you won't be able to open BrandChamp portal links in the same browser window so that's why you'd need to copy them and open in a browser window where you're logged in as a BrandChamp. For more on logging in as admin and BrandChamp at the same time, see here)

You can also send a test email to yourself using the "Send Test Email" down the bottom to check links and formatting before sending.

Note: even if you select a BrandChamp from the list to test that tokens are replaced ok, that BrandChamp will not be sent the test email: it will only go to the email address shown beside the button.

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