Custom Activity Templates

Here are some ideas for custom activities. You can see ideas for other activity types here.

Ambassador/Influencer Referral - Earn {{number}} points

Description Recruit others to join the {{company name}} team! {{company name}} is looking to grow the team with people just like you! Send them this link to the {{application link}} and ask them to name you in the referral section. You will receive {{number}} points for every person you refer that gets approved.
Verification Have your friends mention you in the referral section of the application
Frequency Any, 5 times

Add @{{company name}} Influencer/Ambassador To Your Instagram Bio

Description Add @{{company name}} or {{company name}} Influencer/Ambassador to your bio on Instagram to receive credit!
Verification Provide Instagram user names and comment “Instagram Bio Complete”
Frequency Any, 1 time

{{variables}} Survey

Description Please complete our {{variables}} survey for {{reason}}. You can find the survey here: {{survey link}}. The survey can only be completed once and you will be awarded {{number}} points.
Verification Send us an email @{{support email}} mentioning you completed the survey and we will verify that you completed it.
Frequency Any, 1 time

Apparel Post

Description Create an apparel post on social media using #{{insert hashtag}} and #{{BRAND_ambassador}} in your caption.
Verification Please enter link to your post or use "Pick..." button to select
Frequency Weekly, 3 times

Leave a Product Review

Description Please leave a product review of your {{product name}} and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Remember, you must own the product that you’re reviewing!
Verification Please enter the link of your review shared on Facebook
Frequency Monthly, 2 times

{{Holiday}} post

Description In celebration of {{holiday name}} please create a post that matches its theme. Include #{{insert hashtag}}, #{{BRAND_ambassador}} and {{holiday name}} in the caption.
Verification Please attach a link to your social post.
Frequency Any, 1 time

YouTube Activity

Description Create a video on YouTube sharing {{company name}} or {{product name}} to your audience. The video must be original, unique, and fun. Be sure to use #{{insert hashtag}} in your video caption and #{{BRAND_ambassador}} in the description. After posting the video on YouTube please also share it with your followers on Facebook or Twitter.
Verification Please enter your social media share link for your YouTube video here
Frequency Monthly, 4 times
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