Review Activity Templates

Here are some ideas for product review activities. You can see ideas for other activity types here.

Product review on {{company website}}

Description Write a product review for {{product name}} on {{company website}}. Choose any product and leave a thoughtful review. You must own the product you are reviewing.
Verification Include your username, link to the product review, and a snapshot of your product. Copy and paste the permalink URL
Frequency Any, 3 times

Product Review

Description Leave a product review for any product you purchase from {{company name}} on our website {{insert link}}. You may only review products that you own. After leaving a review please also share the review with your followers on Facebook. Also, take a screenshot of the review and email it to us {{support email}}. After being confirmed you will receive $5 to your next purchase.
Verification Email us and include a screenshot of your review and a link to your Facebook post.
Frequency Monthly, 2 times

Product Testimonial- Video

Description 1. Feature a {{company name}} product to review 2. Post a video of yourself wearing the product and sharing what you love about it 3. Video details: no longer than 2 minutes, landscape (horizontal), volume UP, background noise LOW, good lighting 4. Share discount code in post or video, tag #{{insert hashtag}} and product name, ie; #{{product name}}.
Verification Please enter link to your post or use "Pick..." button to select)
Frequency Monthly, 3 times
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