Manually creating a WooCommerce API key

This article covers how to create an API key manually in your WooCommerce administration site.

Note: In general you should not need to create an API key manually as one should be created automatically when you add the WooCommerce integration in BrandChamp. This should only be needed if there is a technical issue preventing that from working, or if you wish to revoke a previous key and create a replacement.

Generate an API Key manually in WooCommerce

1. Go to the WooCommerce > Settings > Advance area and click on the "REST API"

2. Click the "Add Key" button on that page

3. In the Description field, type "BrandChamp Access" and ensure the Permissions dropdown is set to "Read/Write":
Make sure the Permissions are set to Read/Write otherwise referral settings cannot be updated and automated coupon rewards cannot be created in your WooCommerce store

4. Click "Generate API Key" and on the next page copy both the "Consumer key" and "Consumer secret". Note: don't navigate away from that page before copying the values, as they will not be shown again!

Add API Key details in BrandChamp

Go back to the Integrations -> WooCommerce area in the BrandChamp admin portal and enter the new keys:

Note: you can leave the "Use query string authentication" option as you found it. In the testing access section below, you may need to adjust that.
Don't forget to click Update to save the changes before proceeding.

Testing API Key Access

To verify that everything is set up correctly, click the "Test Integration" button at the top of the page:

Show test integration button

If all is correct, you will see green checks in all tests:

Test integration results

If you see an error related to authentication, try toggling the "Use query string authentication" box on that integration page and click "Test Integration" again. Depending on your WooCommerce set up, that setting may or may not be needed.. 
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