WooCommerce Integration

BrandChamp integrates with WooCommerce to enable the following features:

  • Synchronization of your orders to enable discount code and/or link based tracking of referral sales
  • Automatic creation of coupons as rewards and restricting them to particular products or categories
  • Automatic creation of gift card coupons (requires the Smart Coupons extension)
  • Adjustment of referral cookie expiry days

Authorizing the BrandChamp WooCommerce App

In order to start using BrandChamp with WooCommerce, you must authorize the BrandChamp WooCommerce app for use with your WooCommerce store. You will need to have admin credentials for your WooCommerce store to complete this section.

To authorize, go to the Integration tab under the Settings page:

Click the " Add" button in the WooCommerce Section

Which brings you to the following page:

Enter the full base URL of your store in the input box here. E.g. if your store's address is "www.freerangespirit.com", then you'll need to enter "https://www.freerangespirit.com".

Click the "Authorize" button.

You will then be prompted to log in to your WooCommerce admin site if you weren't already. 

Once logged in, you'll then be asked to approve the BrandChamp App.

Click the "Approve" button

Installing the BrandChamp WooCommerce Plugin

The BrandChamp WooCommerce plugin enables tracking of referral links and configuration of referral settings.

After approving the BrandChamp App, the page will redirect you back to the BrandChamp admin portal where you will be prompted to download the BrandChamp WooCommerce Plugin. 

Click "Download"  

Once the plugin is downloaded, you will then need to log into your WooCommerce Store to install the plugin

Click "Plugins" and then select "Add New"

Upload the BrandChamp plugin downloaded earlier and click "Install Now"

After installing the plugin, click  "Activate Plugin"

Testing the WooCommerce Integration

To verify that everything is set up correctly, click the "Test Integration" button at the top of the page:

Show test integration button

If all is correct, you will see green checks in all tests:

Test integration results

Configuring Referral Cookie Expiry

To configure your referral cookie expiry, access the WooCommerce Integration page by clicking “Edit” in the WooCommerce section.

The “Referral Cookie Expiry” setting allows you to control how many days after a referral link is clicked that the referral will be tracked for.

The default “Referral Cookie Expiry” days is 30 days.

To adjust the days, click the blue highlighted “Edit” text 

Enter the desired number of days you want a referral link to be tracked for. Finally, click “Update”.

After clicking “Update”, the system will send a notification, “Updated referral cookie expiry”. 

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