Enabling Mass Payments in Your Paypal Account

To use the mass payments feature within PayPal, you must first get approval for the feature within your PayPal account.

To check if your PayPal Account has the Mass Pay feature enabled, follow the steps below.

1. In your PayPal dashboard, go to the "Tools" tab and click "Send Payment".

2. In the "Send Payment" page, click "Make a mass payment":

3. After clicking "Make a mass payment," if you see a screen like the following, mass payments are not enabled on your account. You must contact your PayPal account manager or call 1-888-221-1161, as indicated.

If you are having trouble reaching PayPal via 800-221-1161, their recommendation is to contact them through the message center.  It will have you answer a serious of questions before handing you off to a customer service representative.  

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