Using a PayPal sandbox account for testing

If you wish to test PayPal mass payments in a separate "sandbox" account which uses dummy accounts and data, you can follow this guide to enable.

Creating a sandbox account

Log in to the PayPal Developer site at On the Dashboard tab, navigate to Sandbox > Accounts.

You may have some existing accounts there already. If you already have a "business" and a "personal" type account set up (as shown in screenshot above), feel free to use them. Otherwise, click the "Create Account" button and choose the appropriate Account Type as you create each account. Make sure to make a note of the passwords used, as you will need those to log into each account later.

If you already had accounts in that list, you may not know the passwords for each. To set the password, click the small arrow beside the email address and then click "Profile":

Click "Change password" on the form that opens:

Logging in to sandbox accounts

Use the following link to log into each sandbox account with the email address and passwords as configured above:

Using sandbox account in BrandChamp

Enter the "buyer" type sandbox account email as the PayPal email for a test ambassador in your BrandChamp system.

You can either add it while viewing the BrandChamp record in the admin site:

Or in the Account area of the BrandChamp portal, when logged in as that BrandChamp:

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