Cash Payments FAQ

Using PayPal to pay a BrandChamp who has not entered their PayPal email

When using PayPal as the payment method, a BrandChamp's PayPal email will be used in the export file if it has been provided. Otherwise the BrandChamp's regular account email will be used.

If a payment is sent to an email which is not the BrandChamp's actual PayPal email, the BrandChamp can still claim the payment. One way is to temporarily add the email address payment was sent to in their PayPal account.

If you only want to send payments to those who have entered their PayPal email, you can add a filter to the Balances Due table for that:

Minimum balance payout limit

If you only want to pay out BrandChamps with balances greater than $50 for example, you can filter the Balances Due table as follows:

Don't forget you can save that search for use the next time by clicking the Save button in the search area:

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