Filtering BrandChamps and Adding Tags

In the BrandChamps page, you can save multiple filters to segment participants based on performance and location. After filtering out groups of participants, you can then add tags to the group in order to communicate effectively with them. 

For example, filtering out inactive ambassadors, tagging them as "inactive" and then composing an email to all the BrandChamps with the "inactive" tag.

To use BrandChamp's filter feature, first go to the BrandChamps page. 

Some useful filters to track your participant's performance include:

  • Completed Activities Count
  • Number of Referrals
  • Lifetime Credit
  • Balance

After creating your filters you can then save each filter to review them later. To save the filter:

  1. Set your Filter
  2. Click the "Save" button
  3. Give your filter a name (i.e"Inactive", "Tier 1")
  4. Click the "Save" button

Note: If you have more than 1 admin user for your program, you can also share your saved filters with other team members by checking the box above "Share with team".

Once your filters are saved they will then appear at the top of the BrandChamp table. 

Bulking Adding and Removing Tags

After saving your filters, you can then add tags to the participants that fall under each filter so that you can appropriately engage each group.

To add tags in bulk to your participants:

  1. Click the checkbox at the top left corner of the table
  2. Click the highlighted text "Select all X Rows"

After selecting all the rows of participants, lets now add a tag using the "Bulk actions" drop-down box.

  1. Click "Add Tags"
  2. Enter the name for your Tag
  3. Click "Apply Changes"

If you'd like to remove tags from your participants, you can go through the same process as adding the tags. To remove tags:

  1. Click the checkbox at the top left corner of the table
  2. Click the highlighted text "Select all X Rows"
  3. Select the Bulk Actions drop-down and Click "Remove Tags"
  4. Select the Tag you want to remove
  5. Click "Apply Changes"

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