Composing an email

To compose a custom email to one or more BrandChamps, go to the Emails area and click the Compose button at top of page.

There are two ways to compose an email in BrandChamp:

  1. Use an existing Email Layout to control the stying, and simply edit the body of the email
  2. Import custom HTML to have complete control over all the styling for that single email.

This article will focus on the first way. To see how to use custom HTML, see this article.

The main areas in the compose screen are shown below:

From Details

You can control the from name and email that recipients will see.


You can choose to send the email to:

  • All BrandChamps
  • BrandChamps with all tags
    • As the title implies, if you select multiple tags, a BrandChamp must have both tags in order to receive the email
  • Directly to one or more individual BrandChamps
    • Direct messages should be limited to important messages specifically for those users. For example, a message about a particular activity they completed, or a reward they want to claim. Direct messages should not be used for general announcements. Use the other targeting methods for those.

Note: emails will never be sent to BrandChamps who have been removed from your program


The selected layout controls the styling used around the main body of the email. You can select different layouts to see the effect they have in the Preview area.

You can read more about layouts, including how to create your own in our email layouts article.

Tip: you can choose which layout is selected by default by updating the selection in the Emails -> Layouts table.

Subject and Body

You can edit the subject and body and see a preview of the email update on the right hand side of page, or click the "Preview" button if on mobile or tablet.

Replacement Tokens

In both subject and body, you can click the "Tokens" dropdown to insert a token which will be replaced when you send the email:

For example, the {{FIRST-NAME}} token will get replaced with the actual first name of each BrandChamp you are sending to.

Another example is the {{REF-DISC-CODE}} token which will be replaced with the actual referral discount code assigned to each BrandChamp. If you are using referral tracking links, you will also see corresponding tokens for each Referral Link Template which will be replaced with the unique referral URL assigned to each BrandChamp.


The preview pane on the right hand side of the compose page (or by clicking the "Preview" button if on tablet or mobile) provides an approximation of how the final email will look in a recipient's inbox.

Sending a Test Email

Before sending a new email to BrandChamps, you can use the "Test" button shown below to send yourself a copy if you wish to check how it will look in an actual email inbox:

We would always encourage sending yourself a test email just to be sure, but always recommend in these cases:

  • If adding multiple images or more complex layouts in the email body
  • If using custom HTML to compose an email
  • If using a newly created custom layout for the first time

Tips & Tricks

For more help about composing emails, see our tips & tricks article.

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