WooCommerce Integration: Revoking and Creating a new API Key

Purpose of API Key

When you add a WooCommerce integration, BrandChamp stores an "API key" for your WooCommerce site. This key allows our servers to talk to your WooCommerce installation in order to read orders (to detect referrals) and to create discount codes or gift cards (when issuing rewards).

Revoking an API Key

If you wish to deny access to any API key generated for BrandChamp previously, open your WooCommerce admin site and go to Settings (1) -> Advanced (2) -> REST API (3), as shown below. Then search for BrandChamp (4). For any keys found, hover over them and click the red "revoke" link.

Screenshot of WooCommerce admin panel

That will immediately disable any future access using that API Key. But you'll need to create a replacement one! So see following section.

Creating a Replacement API Key

Please see our guide on manually creating a WooCommerce API key here: https://support.brandchamp.io/article/72-manually-creating-a-woocommerce-api-key

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