Point Rewards

Point rewards are rewards that can be claimed by BrandChamps in exchange for some number of points. Point rewards can be created in the in the "Rewards" page under the "Rewards type>Point Rewards" tab:

Note: This screenshot is taken from a demonstration account and is not meant to reflect accurate or recommended values.

We can click "New Points Reward" to add a new point reward. For example:

All point rewards marked as "Available for selection" appear in the BrandChamp's rewards catalog for them to choose from in the "Rewards" page of the BrandChamp Portal. Here is an example screenshot of the reward in the BrandChampFor example:

Note: again, point and monetary values are taken from a demonstration account and are not meant to reflect accurate or recommended values.

A BrandChamp can select one or more rewards according to how many points they're earned. Once they select a reward, they review and confirm the selection. At that point, the rewards are either automatically or manually issued depending on how they were defined. For more information, see:

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