Activity Rewards

Activity Rewards are pre-defined rewards which can be given on successful completion of an activity by a BrandChamp (instead of giving points). More correctly, the BrandChamp receives a "token" which lets them claim the reward.

Tip: These kinds of rewards can be used with the "Onboarding" activity type to give BrandChamps a welcome reward (a 25% off voucher for example), on successful entry into your ambassador program.

We can define the possible rewards in the "Reward Types>Activity Rewards" tab of the "Rewards" page:

To link an activity reward to an Activity Types, you choose the "Activity Reward Token" option when defining the reward for an Activity Types:


In the example above, we linked a social media post activity to a 25% off "Swiss Army Knife" off voucher. The activity will look something like the following in the BrandChamp's portal:

When the BrandChamp completes the activity and it's approved by an administrator, they will receive an email notification telling them they have earned a reward token and will link them back to the "Rewards" area of the BrandChamp portal, where they are prompted to claim any unclaimed reward tokens:

Once the reward has been selected and confirmed by the BrandChamp, the reward will either be issued automatically or manually in the same way as point rewards are. For more information, see:

Viewing Unclaimed Tokens

You can view any reward tokens that have been earned by BrandChamps but not yet claimed by checking the count beside the "unclaimed" link in the "Activity Rewards" tab of the "Rewards" page:

You can click on the "unclaimed" link and view details of each unclaimed token for that activity reward:

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