Suspicious Referrals

If you wish to prevent BrandChamps receiving referral commission if they use their own referral discount code, you can enable the "Treat self referrals as suspicious" flag in your referral settings:

If that flag is enabled, when a referral order is detected the system compares the BrandChamp who was awarded the referral with the customer information from the order. If the name or email from the order matches the BrandChamp's, the order will be flagged as suspicious.

Approval State for New Referrals

When a new referral is detected, it's approval state can be set to either approved, denied or undecided.

By default, if a suspicious referral is detected, an administrator must review and manually choose to Approve or Deny it. Referrals that appear genuine are automatically approved by default.

You can control these defaults in the  Settings area.

Approving or Denying Referrals

Click the "Referrals" link in the admin nav to view all detected referrals.

Note that any Suspicious referrals will be flagged. Hovering over the "Suspicious" label will give more details.

You can select one or more rows and click the Approve or Deny buttons to change the approval state. 

Note: you can only change the approval state if the referral has not been applied yet (I.e. there is no tick in the "Applied" column). If you need to make an adjustment after that time, you can go to the BrandChamp record, the "Transactions" tab, and create a debit or credit adjustment transaction, as appropriate.

If a referral is marked as approved, the points from it will be applied to the BrandChamp's account on the "Due On" date (after which a check will appear in the "Applied" column for that referral).

If you choose to Deny a referral, the points from it will not be applied to the BrandChamp's account.

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