Creating a Custom Activity with 2 Separate Tasks

In BrandChamp you can create a custom activity with 2 different tasks and instructions to provide BrandChamps the opportunity to submit an activity in multiple ways. In this article, we’ll look at two different use cases for this type of activity and how to create it in BrandChamp’s administrator portal.

Use Case #1 

An activity with multiple tasks can be created to provide BrandChamps multiple options for completing a social media activity. For example, allowing a BrandChamp to submit:

  • An Instagram post or story
  • A Facebook post or story

Due to Instagram/Facebook stories not being shareable via a link, the best way for BrandChamps to submit a story would be for them to upload a screenshot of it.

By providing BrandChamps with multiple options to complete one activity, they can now submit the activity based on their preference. 

Use Case #2

The second use case for this type of activity applies to "private" social media posts that can be submitted by BrandChamps to complete a social media activity.

The best way to view the private post as an admin would be to provide the BrandChamp the option to upload a screenshot of the post made in the private timeline or group.


First, we'll need to create a new "Custom" activity type. In the Activity Types page under the “Activities” section, click the "New Activity Type" drop down in the top right corner of the screen.

After clicking the dropdown, select the “Custom” activity from the drop-down.

The page will then bring you to the "General" details tab, in this tab we'll provide an overview of the activity.

Title: Instagram Post or Story

Instructions: Please create an Instagram post or Instagram story and feature a Free Range Spirit product with the #FreeRangeSpirit

Image: Camera Icon

Resource: For this walkthrough, we'll attach no resources for our ambassadors as w.e want them to only submit a post or upload a story. 

Sorting Order: Sort the activity to "100" to place the activity at the top of the BrandChamp's actvitiy list. 

After setting up the "General" details we can now go to the "Tasks" tab. 

For the first task, we'll allow our BrandChamp's to submit an Instagram post from their timeline:

Title: Submit your Post 

Completion Instructions: Pick your post using the "Pick..." button for Instagram posts or insert a link to the post. 

Completion Format: Select "Web Address". 

Pick Social Media Posts: Select "Instagram"

Next, we'll define the approval outcome for the task.

For the sake of this walkthrough, we'll select "Default "Approve" Outcome" to simply "approve" or "reject the task when it is submitted. 

After the approval outcome is set, we can then click "+add task" so that we can allow our ambassadors to upload a screenshot of their Instagram story.

In the second task. Enter the following:

Title: Instagram Story 

Description: Create Instagram story and feature a Free Range Spirit product with the #FreeRangeSpirit

Completion Instructions: Please Upload a screenshot of your story 

Completion Format: File Upload

Approval Outcomes: Default "Approve" outcome

BrandChamp must complete: Select "any of the tasks" to allow ambassadors to submit either an Instagram Post or Instagram Story. 

Next, you can then set up the "Rewards & Limits" for the activity. 

Limits: Weekly

Completion Limit: 1

Reward: Points (50)

Finally, click "Availability" and enter the following details. 

BrandChamp Tags Filter: No filter will be added as we want this activity available for all your ambassadors.

Start/End Date: By not specifying dates, you can make this an "evergreen" activity allowing ambassadors to complete it at any time.

Available: Click the box to make the activity "available" for all of your ambassadors. 

After configuring the "Availability" tab, save the activity. 

Viewing Activity in Ambassador portal 

After creating this activity you can now review your new activity by logging into the BrandChamp’s portal. 

Read this article for navigating between portals:  Log in as Administrator and BrandChamp at same time

After clicking through, you can now see the Activity's details. 

If we scroll down you can then view the 2 different task's that you set up earlier.

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