Giving cash commission for referral sales

If cash payments is available on your current plan, and you have enabled it in your settings area, then you can configure a referral Activity Types to give referral commission as a cash balance rather than points.

As BrandChamps earn cash balances, you can see the total balances due in the Payments area of the admin portal and pay any outstanding balances.

Creating new referral Activity Type

If creating a new referral Activity Type, in the Reward tab you can define what % commission you wish to give. Then select the "Monetary" radio button to pay that commission out as a cash balance:

Updating existing referral Activity Type

If you already have a referral Activity Type set up and paying out commissions in points, go to the details for that Activity Type. You won't be able to edit the Payout Format unless you select to replace the existing Activity Type, so click the Version dropdown up the top right of page and select "Replace with new version":

You will then be able to select "Monetary" for the Payout Format. Once you change that, go to the last tab and click the "Replace Version" button. Your BrandChamps will now start earning cash balances for any new referral sales made after that changeover.

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