In the Referrals -> Commissions section of the portal, you can create the Commissions you will issue to your BrandChamps for the sales made through their referral links and discount codes. 

To create a commission, click “Add Commission” on the right side of the page

After clicking “Add Commission”, you can then create the specific commission for your BrandChamps.


Enter the Title for this Commission. For example, if it’s a Commission for all of your BrandChamps, use the title “Default Commission”. 

If the Commission is for a specific tag, add the tag to the title (i.e VIP Commission)

Commission Type

In Commission Type, specify whether your BrandChamp will earn a “Percentage of Sale” (i.e 10% commission on any referral sale) or “Fixed Amount per Order” (i.e $1 commission for every order)

Payout Format

For the Payout Format, define how your BrandChamp will be paid their Commission in the portal. BrandChamp’s can earn “Monetary” Commissions or “Point” Commissions.

Monetary commissions will go into the BrandChamp's cash balance which can be paid out later via PayPal for example. Point commissions go into the BrandChamp's point balance.

Commission Value

Enter the value of your commission that you will be providing your BrandChamps 

Tiered Commissions

If you plan on running your program with Tiered Commissions, please see this support article

Next Steps

After setting up your different Commission offers, you can then create your Referral Link Template or Discount Code Set.

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