Tiered Referral Commissions

Tiered Commissions

If you are running a “tiered” program in BrandChamp and wish to pay your tagged BrandChamps different commissions for referral sales, you can setup multiple commission payouts in the Referrals>Commission page. 

To create a commission, click “Add Commission” in the top right corner of the screen. 

For this example, we’ll create a commission for BrandChamp’s with the tag “Tier 1”, and “VIP”.

Let’s now create the Tier 1 Commission. 

  • Add the Title “Tier 1”
  • Commission Type can be set to “Percentage of Sale” or “Fixed Amount per order”, for this example, select “Percentage of Sale”.
  • Payout Format can then be set to a “Points” commission or “Monetary” Commission”, for this example, select “Points” commission.
  • In the “Commission Value” area, enter 10% so that your Tier 1 BrandChamps will receive a 10% commission in points for every sale that they bring to your store. 
  • In the “Conversion to points” area, enter a ratio of 1 USD/EUR = 10 points. 

Example: If a BrandChamp refers a $100 sale, then they will receive a $10 commission that gets converted into 100 points. 

Finally, click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

For the VIP commission, we’ll set it up so that they can be paid in cash for any referral sales that they contribute. 

To do this, again go back to the Referral>Commission page and click “Add Commission”

From here:

  • Add the title, “VIP Commission”
  • For this example, commission type will be set to “Percentage of Sale” 
  • Payout Format is set to “Monetary”
  • In the Commission value area, enter 15%

Example: If a BrandChamp refers a sale of $100, then they will be credited $15 in cash to their BrandChamp account. Paying out cash balances is covered in our Cash Payments support articles.

Finally, click “Save” at the bottom of the page

Adding Tiered Commissions to Referral Link Templates and Discount Code Sets

After creating the “Tier 1” and “VIP” commissions, you can now link these commissions to any Discount Code Set or Referral Link template by selecting the option “Choose commission based on BrandChamp’s tag”. 

To do this, under the “Choose Commission” section, select “Choose commission based on BrandChamp’s tag” and then add your tags “Tier 1” and “VIP”.

After entering your tags, select the commissions you created from the drop-down on the left. 

Note: This section is found when creating a Referral Link Template and Discount Code Set.

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