Referral Link Templates

Note: Before creating your Referral Link Template, please set up the Commissions you will offer to your BrandChamps.

Referral Tracking Links

Referral Link Templates allow you to set up a trackable link that you want people to visit, such as the home page of your e-commerce store for example.

The system then uses that link and, for each BrandChamp in the system, adds a unique "referral code" associated with each BrandChamp onto the end of the link and runs it through a URL shortening service to create a unique, short URL for each BrandChamp, which they can share out with their followers.

When one of their followers clicks on a referral tracking link, the system drops a cookie containing the BrandChamp's unique referral code so that any purchases detected in the next 30 days will be credited back to the BrandChamp associated with the link.

Note: the length of time is configurable in the "Referral Cookie Expiry" field of your Shopify Integration or WooCommerce Integration settings.

Creating a Referral Tracking Link

In the Referrals -> Referral Link Templates section of the portal, you can create the Referral links that your BrandChamps can share with their audiences. BrandChamps will see these links in the Referrals area of their portal. When someone clicks on their link and subsequently makes a purchase, the BrandChamp who shared the link will receive a commission. You can choose which commission to give as shown below.

To create a referral link, click “Add Template” on the right side of the page.

After clicking “Add Template”, you can then specify the details of the Referral Link 

Link Title

Enter the title for your Referral Link.

Template Token

The "Template Token" field is what will be used to refer to this particular tracking link template when inserting a referral link into an email for example.

This will be covered later in more detail but briefly if you have a template with the text "Check out this awesome store! {{TL:SHOPIFY-REF-LINK}}", when a BrandChamp views it either in their email client or in their portal, the "{{TL:SHOPIFY-REF-LINK}}" text will have been replaced by the unique short URL generated for that BrandChamp for this particular tracking link template.

Destination URL

This is where we want to send people when they click on the referral link. This would normally be a link to your online store.

URL Parameters

In this section, you can add additional parameters to your referral links. Adding additional parameters allows for easy tracking in Google Analytics.

See this support article for more on Google Analytics.

Finally, scroll down to the “Referral Settings” area.


In the targeting area, you can control which BrandChamps the system will create a referral link for, using this template.

For example, if you have a special link that should only be available to your "VIP" tagged BrandChamps, then select the "BrandChamps with tags" option and enter the "VIP" tag. After saving the template, only BrandChamps with the "VIP" tag will see that link in their portal and be able to earn a commission from it.

Note: If you are running a program with multiple groups and multiple commissions, enter your group’s tags in the “BrandChamps with Tags” section. This will allow you to define the commission for each BrandChamp tag.

Choose Commission

After defining the Targeting for the referral link template, you can then choose the Commission that all your BrandChamps will receive or your specific BrandChamps with tags. 

Tiered Commissions

If you plan on running your program with Tiered Commissions, please see this support article

After defining your commissions, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

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