Walk Through - Completing and Approving an Activity

In this article, we'll show how a BrandChamp can complete an activity and how an administrator can review it to either request changes or approve it and credit the reward to the BrandChamp.

We'll need a BrandChamp account and an Activity Type for this walk-through, so ensure you've completed the following walk-throughs first:

Note: we will jump back and forth between the administrator and BrandChamp portals in this walk-through. You can check out this article for help logging in to both portals simultaneously. Otherwise, you will need to log out of the system and back in as the correct user in order to see the appropriate portal.

Completing an Activity as a BrandChamp

Log in as the BrandChamp account you previously set up and view the available activities list. You'll probably only have one or two available at this point, but here's an example list:

Click on the "Social Media Post" activity you created earlier to view the details:

The BrandChamp can review the instructions for this activity: sharing a post on social media.

They can also copy their referral link or discount code in the "Your Referral Details" section. 

In the Tasks section, we ask the BrandChamp to give the link to their post so an administrator can verify they've completed the activity successfully.

They can copy and paste the link into the verification field, but this can be tricky for less technically savvy users and can be a little awkward to do on mobile.

So, to make it as easy as possible, the system provides "Pick" buttons which let them browse a list of their previous posts across various social networks and simply click to select the right one:

For example, let's say the BrandChamp has completed a post on Instagram. They can click the "Pick..." button with the Instagram logo to browse their previous posts.

The system will first ask them to authenticate with Instagram so we can view their posts, after which they'll see a "Pick Instagram Post" window from which they can select the correct post:

Clicking on the post pre-fills the link to the post and also gives them a small preview window to ensure they've picked the correct post or copy-pasted the correct link:

The BrandChamp can then simply click "Submit" to submit it for an administrator to review.

So, for this walk-through, select an example post and click "Submit" to view the activity in the administrator's portal.

Reviewing Activities as an Administrator

Log into the BrandChamp admin portal and click "Activities" under the "Awaiting Review" section on the summary page:

This brings you to the "Activities" page area but pre-filters it to show only awaiting review activities.

Remember: activities can have more than 1 task, so we verify the individual tasks in this area. If an activity only has a single task (the most common case), then approving the sole task will mark the entire activity as complete and reward the BrandChamp. If an activity has multiple tasks, only when all required tasks are approved is the activity marked complete and a reward assigned.

You can also optionally filter the list further by the type of activity if you want to focus on working through one in bulk by selecting the Filter button (highlighted red):

You will see the activity instance you completed as a BrandChamp in the list.

The system gives you a nice inline preview of each post along with the text, hashtags, etc. This means you don't have to continually jump in and out of the BrandChamp website to verify each post, and it is a great productivity boost as you scale your program.

At this point, you can choose to Approve or Reject the task. For this walk-through, let's first Reject it and ask the BrandChamp to make changes. In a real program, you might need to do this if the product you're promoting is not clearly shown in the post or doesn't have the correct hashtags, etc.

Reject a Task as an Administrator

When rejecting a task, you'll want to leave a comment explaining to the BrandChamp why their activity has been rejected

For this walk through enter  "Please use correct hash tag " and click "Reject".

Review a Rejected Task as a BrandChamp

The BrandChamp will receive an email prompting them to review the rejected task we just set up. Log back into the BrandChamp portal. You will see the Activity with the rejected task highlighted when the BrandChamp logs in to their portal and in the "In Progress" section under the activities section:

Click on either notification to review the message from the administrator and edit the post:

At this point, the BrandChamp can review the message from the admin, make appropriate changes, pick an updated post to link to and click Resubmit. They could also click "delete this submission" the task if they like.

For this walk-through, you can pick another post or leave it at the same one and click Resubmit.

Approve a Task as an Administrator

Resubmitted tasks go back into the same "Tasks Awaiting Review" queue we saw above, so log back into the admin portal now, find the re-submitted task, and this time click to approve it.

The BrandChamp will receive an email notifying them that the task has been approved, and if it's the only task for an activity, they will receive the reward associated with the activity.

For this walk-through we gave 50 points for that activity, so if you log into the BrandChamp portal, you will see that the BrandChamp now has a balance of 50 points:

In the next walk-through, we'll see how a BrandChamp can use points to select a reward.

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