Reward Types

BrandChamp supports the following types of Rewards for your BrandChamps

Note: recommended to read the following topics first to understand the difference between manual and auto-issued rewards, and how manual rewards are issued

Shopify Rewards

If you are on Shopify and have configured your Shopify Integration, you can offer your BrandChamps either Shopify discount codes or Shopify gift cards as a reward.

BrandChamp integrates with the Shopify API to allow for auto-creation of both discount codes and gift cards.

As noted in the  Manual vs Auto Issued Rewards section, both these Shopify reward types can be set up to be automatically created as soon as a BrandChamp selects it, or can put into a queue for admins to review and issue with a click of a button.

Shopify Discount Codes vs Gift Cards

Shopify discounts are one-time use only ( cannot be used over multiple checkouts) and only one general-use discount can be applied per checkout.

This can potentially make it a little awkward for BrandChamps to make use of their rewards if they end up claiming several lower-valued discount code vouchers and try to use them together, for example. So do make sure to offer higher-valued discount vouchers also as part of your rewards catalog.

Where discounts are very useful though is for creating product-specific rewards (see below).

Shopify Discount Codes (unrestricted)

You can easily configure general purpose discounts such as $10 off or 25% off for use with any product in your Shopify store.

For example, to create a $10 off voucher which can be claimed for 1000 points, we can add a new "Point Reward" in the "Rewards" page as follows

-Select "Shopify Discount"

-Select "Monetary" discount type and enter "10"

-Click the radio button for "Entire Order"

-Click the radio button for "None"

Shopify Discount Codes (product-specific)

Let's say you are a clothing retailer and you want to offer your BrandChamps $10 off a rain jacket if they complete a particular activity In that case, we could define a new "Points Reward" of type "Shopify Discount" but this time click the "Specific Products" option in the "Applies to" area:

We can then type into the search "Jacket" to find your product in your Shopify product catalog.

 Once we save the activity reward, we can then link it to the Activity Type we want BrandChamps to complete.

Now when the BrandChamp completes that activity and claims their reward token, they will receive a discount code that can only be used with that particular product.

The same process can be used to create a product-specific points reward.

Shopify Gift Cards

Shopify gift card balances can be redeemed over multiple checkouts and can be "topped up" as additional gift cards are redeemed. This makes them very suitable for general-purpose rewards for BrandChamps.

As an example, to create a $10 Gift Card redeemable for 1000 points, you can click "New Points Reward" tab in the "Rewards" page and define a reward as follows:

Shopify Gift Card Requirements

In order to generate Shopify gift cards automatically, BrandChamp makes use of what is known as the Shopify Gift Card "API" (application programming interface). This feature is only made available by Shopify to customers on the "Shopify Plus" plan.

If you are not on the Shopify Plus plan, you can still offer gift cards as rewards but you will need to set up the Reward so that it's manually issued. Then when a BrandChamp selects that reward, you can manually create a gift card code in your Shopify admin and copy and paste the code into the "Reference" field before clicking to issue the reward. 

Finally, if you are on the Shopify Plus plan, you may run into an error when you first attempt to create a gift card automatically in the BrandChamp system. This usually requires coordinating with your Shopify rep to enable access for the BrandChamp Shopify app. Reach out to in this case and we can help resolve the issue.

Amazon Rewards

You can define Amazon discount code or gift cards as rewards for your Ambassadors.

Unfortunately, Amazon does not provide any way for third parties to automatically generate one-off discount codes or gift cards in your Amazon account, so all Amazon rewards must be set up to be manually issued and the discount code or gift card generated manually in your Seller Central account and copied/pasted into the "Reference" field when issuing a pending reward of this type. 

Custom Rewards

Custom rewards allow you to define any reward you like using free text in the Description field. For example:

Because the BrandChamp system doesn't know how to automatically issue these rewards, you'll want ensure these are manually issued - i.e. leave the auto-issue box unchecked.

Then, when issuing pending rewards of this type, you can optionally use the "Reference" field to add any information the BrandChamp might need to redeem the reward such as a unique code etc. The BrandChamp will see the reference in the "Rewards" section of their portal when the reward is issued, and in the notification email.

WooCommerce Rewards

If you are on WooCommerce and have configured your WooCommerce Integration, you can offer your BrandChamps WooCommerce coupon codes as a reward.

BrandChamp integrates with your WooCommerce API to allow for auto-creation of coupon codes.

This WooCommerce reward type can be set up to be automatically created as soon as a BrandChamp selects it, or you can put into a queue for admins to review and issue with a click of a button.

Creating a WooCommerce Coupon Reward

When setting up a reward for a WooCommerce coupon you first must select one of three discount types, a Fixed Cart Discount, a Fixed Per Item Discount, and a Percentage.

These discounts correspond to the discount types you choose from when creating a coupon manually in the WooCommerce admin site. See WooCommerce’s Docs for more info

Fixed Cart Discount

A fixed total discount for the entire cart. For example, if the cart contains three (3)  t-shirts @ $20 each = $60, a coupon for $10 off gives a discount of $10.

Fixed Per Item Discount

The Fixed Per Item Discount gives a fixed amount off each valid product in the shopping cart at checkout time. For example, three (3) t-shirts @ $20 each with a coupon for $10 off applies a discount of $30.

You can restrict how many items the coupon can apply to in the "Limit Usage” section.


The percentage discount gives a percentage off each valid product in the shopping cart at checkout time. You can restrict how many items the coupon can apply to in the "Limit usage" section

For example, if the cart contains three (3) t-shirts @ $20 each = $60, a coupon for 10% off applies a discount of $6.

Usage Instructions

After selecting the discount type for the coupon you can then define the usage restrictions of the coupon code.

List of Usage Restrictions:

After setting up the Discount Type and Usage Restrictions, you can then setup your reward’s definition

Minimum Restrictions 

The minimum restrictions section allows you to specify the minimum amount an ambassador must spend to use the coupon

Maximum Restrictions 

The maximum restrictions section allows you to specify the maximum amount an ambassador must spend to use the coupon


This will be the title of the reward that your ambassador will see in their portal 


How many points an ambassador must exchange to claim the coupon reward


The image section allows you to upload a “custom image” that ambassadors will see or you can select a BrandChamp provided “Icon”. 

After setting up those definitions scroll down to finish setting up your reward.


The issuing section allows you to define whether the reward will be auto-issued to an ambassador when they select it in their BrandChamp portal, or if it goes into a queue of rewards to be reviewed by an administrator who can then click to issue each one individually.


By selecting this box, the WooCommerce coupon code will then be available in the Ambassador portal. 

BrandChamp tags filter

This section allows you to filter the reward to a specific group of tagged ambassadors in your program. To ensure that all your ambassador’s see this reward, leave this section empty

Finally, click “Save”. You have now created your WooCommerce Coupon Code. 

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