Enabling cash payments in BrandChamp

To enable "Cash Payments" for your program you'll need to first create a cash commission to assign to your BrandChamp's referral links and discount codes. Please see this article here for creating a cash commission:


After creating your cash commission, you can then turn on BrandChamp's "Paypal for Payments" feature in the "Cash Payments" tab of the settings page. This will allow you to collect a Paypal email from your BrandChamp's profile once they fill the information in:

New Payments Area

Once your BrandChamp's start earning their cash commission, you can then view who needs to be paid in the "Payments" page:

This area is where you will see all outstanding monetary balances for all of your BrandChamps, process payments and view previous payment batches.

Providing PayPal email address

If you checked the "Using PayPal for payments" box in the Cash Payments settings, each BrandChamp will be prompted to enter their PayPal email address when they log into the BrandChamp portal:

They can add or update the address in the account area:

An administrator can also view and edit the "PayPal email" field in each BrandChamp record in the admin portal:

If PayPal email not provided

See Cash Payments FAQ for more details

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