Referrals FAQ

How often are referrals updated?

It can take up to 30 minutes for a referral order to appear.

Why are referral orders not showing in BrandChamp?

If one of your ambassadors reports that an expected referral has not come through, please remember that the BrandChamp system does not allow ambassadors to get credit for using their own referral links. For example, if a friend or relative uses the same browser as your ambassador to place an order, we will skip referral tracking when the referral link is clicked as we will detect that browser session as being linked to an ambassador.

For other possible reasons, please see checklist below.

Checklist for referrals not showing up 

  1. Check order status:
    • Shopify
      • Order not marked as cancelled
      • Order has not been fully refunded
      • At least 1 order item is not a gift card
    • WooCommerce
      • Order status needs to be “Completed”
    • Amazon:
      • At least one order item needs to be marked as shipped
      • Order itself has to be marked as shipped or at partially shipped
  2. Check the order in your eCommerce store:
    • If using referral discount codes, make sure the order has the expected referral discount code attached
      • Note for Shopify: The “Ultimate Special Offers” Shopify App is incompatible with BrandChamp referral discount code tracking as that app replaces the actual discount code used with its own generic “SpecialOffers” discount code. As a result, the BC system cannot see the original discount code used in order to match it to a BrandChamp discount code.
    • If using referral links, see if the order has the BrandChamp referral code attached (see below)

How to check for the BrandChamp referral code:


If an order came in via a referral link, it will show a “brandchamp_ref” field with the referral code for the BrandChamp.


If an order came in via a referral link, it will show a “brandchamp_ref” field in the Custom Fields area with the referral code for the BrandChamp.


Referral link tracking is not supported.

Referral Discount Codes 

For more information on discount codes or to edit your discount codes, please see this support article:

Referral Links

For more information on referral links or to edit your referral links, please see this support article:

BrandChamp Self Referrals 

If a referral order appears to have been made by the BrandChamp themselves, it may be marked as suspicious and require manual approval. For more details, see this article here:

General Referral Settings 

To edit your account’s referral settings go to the Settings>Referrals tab. 

More info on the settings here:

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