Rewards Overview

BrandChamp provides a number of ways to reward your ambassadors as they complete the activities you set for them.

When a BrandChamp completes an activity, you can configure the system to credit them with either:

  • Points - which they can build up and use to claim rewards from a catalog
  • A reward token - which they can use to claim a reward directly, like a $10 off discount code, etc 

Rewards which can be claimed in exchange for points are called "Point Rewards", rewards which can be given out on completion of an activity are called "Activity Rewards".

Rewards can either be auto-issued or manually issued. For more information, see:

To view the different types of rewards you can create with BrandChamp, see:

Rewards Flow

1. Defining rewards

An administrator defines both reward types. Point rewards and activity rewards are configured on the "Rewards" page under the "Reward Types" tab.

For more information, see:

2. Earning rewards

On successful completion of an Activity, a BrandChamp will earn either points or a reward token, depending on how the Activity Type has been configured.

3. Claiming rewards

BrandChamps can view and select from available rewards in the "Rewards" area of their BrandChamp portal. For example:

Note: point and monetary values above are taken from a demonstration account and are not meant to reflect accurate or recommended values.

Once the BrandChamp confirms their reward selection, the rewards are either auto-issued or go into the "pending rewards" queue for an administrator to issue later, depending on how the Reward Definition was configured.

4. Issuing rewards

If a BrandChamp selects a reward set up to be auto-issued, they will see the reward in their "Issued Rewards" section as soon as they confirm the selection.

If a BrandChamp selected a reward that was set up to be manually issued, they will see the reward in their "Pending Rewards" list and will receive an email later when an administrator issued the reward

For more information and examples, see:

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