Getting Started

Read through the BrandChamp Overview to familiarize yourself with our platform and terminology. 

Once you’ve explored a bit and feel comfortable navigating the system, we recommend going through the checklist below. It walks you through some common scenarios and ensures you know all the ways BrandChamp can support your program! 



Configure your BrandChamp settings. Pro Tip: Make sure your support email address is correct right away, in case your ambassadors need to contact you.


Add and configure your Shopify integration or WooCommerce integration, if applicable. These integrations are ideal for e-commerce brands. 

Walk through: Onboarding a BrandChamp.
Walk through: Creating a Social Media Activity.
Walk through: Completing and approving an Activity.
Walk through: Creating, claiming and issuing Rewards.

Next Steps

  • To set up referral tracking, head to our  Referrals section, which includes walkthroughs for setting up Referral Links, Discount Codes, and Commissions
  • Review the System Email Templates copy to make any branding or wording changes (in the Emails -> System Emails tab). 
  • Get in touch if you have any questions! 

If you have any questions, please reach out to

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