Getting Started

Read through the BrandChamp Overview to get familiar with the system and terminology.

The following checklist will help you get set up on the BrandChamp platform as it walks you through some common scenarios.

If you have any questions please reach out to


Configure your BrandChamp settings. Make sure your own support email is correct in case your ambassadors need to contact you
Add and configure your Shopify Integration, Amazon integration, or WooCommerce integration
Walk through: Onboarding a BrandChamp
Walk through: Creating a Social Media Activity
Walk through: Completing and approving an Activity
Walk through: Creating, claiming and issuing Rewards

Next Steps

  • If you want to set up referral tracking, take a look at the Referrals section, which includes a walk through to create a Referral Activty.
  • If using Shopify, make sure you have configured your Shopify Website Integration
  • Review the System Email templates copy to make any branding / wording changes required (in the Emails -> System Emails tab)

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